Friday, September 07, 2007

I Hate My Job.

This is not unusual. I've hated a lot of jobs. What sucks is that I am a "Big Mahoff" and make a lot of money here. But the business' owner is a jerk. I call him Mr. "Dog with a Flashlight" because he chases each "bright shining object" without anything approaching an overall perspective or understanding. He's also passive aggressive and not bright. I used the word "waif" today in conversation and he asked me what it meant. He also tried to blame me last week for something someone else did. An evil, self-centered and altogether too rich little man.

Today he fired someone I like. Not for bad reasons, though not for particularly good reasons either. The guy is young, his wife is pregnant, and his undeniable screw-ups were not nearly as bad as a lot of other people in the business. This was all about "feeding the wolves" -- the people who kiss his ass who he knows are smarter than he. And who were jealous, and snarky about this fellow. At 6, I was asked to meet up for a drink. I thought we were drinking with the fired guy. Instead, it was an informal "celebration" -- at least I can find no other explanation. I am disgusted.

Send me your pie orders. I need out.


Keifus said...

Hey. Someone told me not long ago not to resist an opportunity to extend a finger to the man. Preach it.

Yours sound like my asshole bosses: they never failed to fire the people who didn't speak English well and/or who were the dorkier among the already dorky. Tell me, do they tend to overvalue people outside the firm? And no bonuses exist among the credentialed underlings? Fuck them.

Firing with an expected child is extra reprehensible. Give him the insurance to carry it through, at least. Douchebags. Bet their bonus is doing just fine.

topazz said...

Speaking of work, I'm still waiting on that position I applied for - I have a first interview on Wednesday 9/12, its a phone interview, which I find kind of wierd since I already work at the college...but apparently they're "weeding" the applicants this way first.

I know all about being more intelligent than your boss; it's very difficult to handle sometimes, frustrating. I've countered those feelings by developing a kind of older sister relationship with mine, he's about ten years younger and now he comes to me for advice. Idiot. Whenever he sends out a group email to our office, I hit "reply" and send a fake return email, but omit him and send it only to 3 other women in our office. I always start it off with "Dear Asshole" and go on and on about whatever he botched up lately or what a clueless twerp he is. Fits of giggles heard from cubicles all around me. Gotta get your kicks somehow.

twiffer said...

mmmm...pie. i like apple.

Keifus said...

1. Last weekend I made an apple pie. (A local orchard grows Gravenstein apples: outstanding when you pick them, but have to be eaten within three days or so. I had to use them.) We add a little crystallized ginger and a little brandy to it (some for the pie too). It was really good.

2. I really want to tell you about some recent work issues that I've had. SOmething about when non-lawyers draw up legal documents, and the ensuing hijinks (with the high possibility of hijinks to follow). Almost certainly shouldn't though.