Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back and Pissed.

Ok. So I went away and now came back. It's been eventful. But I must jump in where angels fear to tread -- the defense of Barrack Obama and the Great Oil Spill. Oh, I know, MMS is a disaster, and should have done a better job. And though he inherited a crappy crowd and policies from Bush, he could and should have cleaned up that agency.

But Jesus H. Christ when did we start holding the President of the United States as the guarantor of the ecological health of the nation and the guy who is supposed to restore entire ways of life? Katrina was a terrible disaster followed by a logistical failure -- the simple rescue, and delivery of food, water and housing. Much of that is properly laid on the government. This is an engineering disaster -- made by a third party -- in conditions which are difficult and probably subject to some scientific dispute.

What precisely is he not doing that he's supposed to? How is he supposed to fix this? Put on a suit and dive into it? Clean off birds? Shoot a CEO? This is a terrible thing that happened, and surely the US has a role in fixing it and making sure it doesn't happen again. What role did the President have in rebuilding Chicago after the fire? San Francisco after the earthquake? What role did the President play in cleaning up after the Exxon Valdez?

Call me crazy, but I don't remember anyone complaining that the President (or Congress) needed to go to Prince William Sound and make it better. This is Obama's problem because the far left is upset with him for being a pragmatist. The right is staying quiet, letting the left do the damage. Because Democrats are idiots -- always eating their own no matter the rationale.